You would like to convert your van into a true camper van, but you need to continue having the space of your standard van available?

At Furgomania, a leading company in beds for camper vans, you will find the solution you were looking for.

Our self-installing kits are removable thanks to their revolutionary design, which will allow you to easily install a bed in your van in just a few minutes, with no need for instructions, tools, going to a garage or having to go through any vehicle inspection.

In addition, the kit is just as easily installed as it is removed, your van is not altered and, once removed the furniture modules and the bed, your van will remain as it was originally, so you can use it for other needs.

The self-installing bed kits are specifically made for each of the various van brands and models and we have designed solutions for most of the vans in the market. See our catalogue!

Put a bed in your van easily!