Furgomania is the Spanish company specialized in equipping camper vans with self-installing kits that are easy to assemble or disassemble, perfectly adapted to all current camper van models.

Offering a comfortable, versatile and easily accessible product for camper van enthusiasts has been our enthusiasm and commitment since the 80s.

Can you imagine having a single van for everything? A van designed to work, enjoy adventure and travel without having to give up your space or design?

In Furgomania, we have achieved it.

After a long journey of experiences and enthusiasm, we have achieved that you can also get the most out of your camper van thanks to our unique system of self-installing kits to equip vans.

Without the need for tools or technical knowledge, without having to pass the ITV again and, above all, without having to make a large economic investment.

forever, camperized vans have been part of our lives.

From custom furniture to the creation of self-installing kits for camper vans

The hobby and the desire to move in vans, has been part of our lives.

During the 80s and 90s, Furgomania dedicated all its efforts to create a more practical and effective furniture to camperize custom vans.

They were rudimentary designs, installed to achieve a clear objective and fully customized. Thus, for more than 20 years, hundreds of customized models were made to equip vans adapted to customer requirements.

However, the desire to achieve better finishes and a “remove and put” system capable of creating spaces easily led us to design a unique and more functional product to equip camper vans.

It was the year 2010 and the self-installing kits from Furgomania had just been born.

The first Kit designed for Mercedes was the beginning of a series of furniture and accessories that have revolutionized the camper van sector in Spain.

At present, we continue to improve our patented system with the aim of achieving greater benefits for your camper van from anywhere in Europe.